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FBNInsurance commits to improved service delivery



Date: 6th March, 2017.


As part of her strategic plans for the year, FBNInsurance Limited, an FBNHoldings company associated with the Sanlam Group SA, has restated her commitment to taking insurance to the nooks and crannies of the country.

Addressing journalists at the company’s headquarters in Lagos, Val Ojumah, Managing Director, FBNInsurance Ltd., indicated the firm’s willingness to go the extra mile in providing affordable and responsive insurance to the hitherto uninsured. “Our strong presence in the retail space cannot be disputed. With our over 2,000-man strong retail team, we are increasing our investment in the retail space so as to be able to reach everyone. In spite of the number of insurance companies in Nigeria, we are yet to scratch the surface in terms of the potentials of the Nigerian market. As a company, we are looking to consolidate our retail presence, improve on our delivery time and achieve a most effective process for our key functions and deliveries,” he said.

Commenting on the company’s performance in the outgone year, the insurance man recalled a tough year, one in which inflation figures maintained double digits. “Various reports have indicated an increase in claims settlement across the industry and massive job losses due to the economic meltdown have further put a strain on insurance industry. It is a tough time to do business in Nigeria. However, at FBNInsurance, we have kept to our philosophy of doing what we say. We think highly of our customers; come what may, we will always put them first,” he concluded.

In her own remarks, Elizabeth Agugoh, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications thanked the members of the fourth estate of the realm for being impartial stakeholders in the outgone year and used the opportunity to ask for their continued support this year.

In just over six years of incorporation, FBNInsurance Limited has consistently delivered outstanding performance even in light of dwindling economic fortunes of the past two years. This has been attributed to a strong heritage and an unwavering commitment to the provision of innovative, affordable and accessible insurance packages.